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Services Provided by Little Smeaton Parish Council

1. Ensuring the appropriate use of Council monies with due regard to probity and transparency.

2. Maintaining the childrens playground, including maintenance, grass cutting and regular health and safety checks.

3. Ownership of cottage (rented to tenants), including maintenance of same.

4. Instigation and co-ordination of projects to improve village life, such as campaigning for speed restrictions.

5. Oversight of infrastructure in the village, for example reporting faulty or damaged street lights.

6. Maintenance and updating of the Village Emergency Plan.

7. Maintenance of the village defibrillator.

8. Provision and maintenance of measures to reduce dog fouling.

9. Maintenance of grass verges, in particular ensuring the sight lines at junctions are kept clear.

10. Maintenance of benches and notice boards.

11. Planting and maintenance of flower beds adjacent to village signs.

12. Maintenance of green spaces owned by the Parish Council, including the promotion of wild flowers.

13. Planting and maintenance of trees on land owned by the Parish Council.

14. Working with Kirk Smeaton Parish Council and other partners on local campaigns.

15. The provision of information to residents, including acting as a conduit for important messages from the County and District Councils and the Police.

16. Responding to National and Local Authority consultations as appropriate.

Please note, the Parish Council does not get directly involved with individual neighbour disputes, burglaries or speeding incidents. We can however assist residents with advice as to whom to approach with such issues. Please contact the Parish Council Clerk by completing our Contact Us form in the first instance.

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