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General Privacy Notice

Who are we?

Little Smeaton Parish Council is a Data Controller as defined by Article 4(7) of the General Data Protection Regulation (The GDPR). We may need to store your personal data to allow us to carry out the responsibilities of the Parish Council. We may also need to share your data with other Data Controllers such as Selby District Council or North Yorkshire County Council. We have a duty of care towards you for any personal data we use.

What data might we hold and why?

We might sometimes need to hold personal data about you and sometimes your special category personal data, so that we can:

• Deliver, manage and check the quality of services we provide

• Investigate complaints or concerns raised by you or other individuals

• Assist with the research and planning of new services

The Parish Council will, at all times comply with data protection legislation.

This means that the personal data we hold about you must be:

• Used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way

• Collected only for valid purposes that we have clearly explained to you

• Relevant to the purposes for which it is needed

• Accurate and up to date

• Kept only for as long as is necessary

• Kept and destroyed securely.

If you have any concerns about the way we hold your data:

Please contact us using the Contact Us form on this web site.



Policy reviewed and updated September 2021.

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