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Government Consultation On The Formation Of Unitary Authorities - Let Us Know Your Views

You may be aware that across the country regions are lobbying the government to be given more devolved powers and funding and our region is no different.

Government are stating that in order to receive the maximum benefit from any such changes they require that the current regional and local authority structures are merged into one. NYCC are proposing to do away with the seven district councils (in our case Selby) and replace them with a single county wide unitary authority. 

Detailed information on the proposals seems to be in short supply at the moment and Little Smeaton Parish Council are trying to get more details. Published below is a letter recently received from Mark Crane, the leader of Selby District Council. Also below is a link to an article on the North Yorkshire County Council website.

Timescales are tight and there is very little time for lobbying our local county councillor and Little Smeaton Parish Council are keen to hear the views and thoughts of residents but we will need to receive these by mid-August in order to be able to respond in time. Please e-mail your views and questions to -

Any further information received will be published here.

Letter from Mark Crane, leader of Selby District Council 

Link to North Yorkshire County Council article -


Speed limit change on New Road

Following a long campaign by the parish council the speed limit on New Road has been reduced to 40mph from the village sign just before Quarry Lane down to the existing 30mph zone near the junction with Main Street.

New 40mph signs on New Road

Notice of Public Rights & Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return

The parish council's annual governance return and accounting records for the year ending 31 March 2020 will be available for inspection as detailed in this public notice which is also displayed on the Little Smeaton parish council notice boards.


A19-Chapel Haddlesey Bridge Closure Update 28 May 2020

For any residents affected by the A19 closure at Chapel Haddlesey the parish council has learned that the situation is likely to continue for a considerable time.

Initial surveys at the bridge have revealed that erosion underneath the carriageway is more extensive than initially thought.

It is likely to be late June before repair options are finalised and when work does start it is anticipated it will take 6-8 months to complete.

Bearing in mind the bridge has been closed since February the parish council will be writing to NYCC to add our voice to the growing numbers expressing concern and dismay at such a lengthy timescale.


VE Day Celebrations

What a fantastic day in the Smeatons. Great weather, flags, bunting, baking, social distancing street parties and even a fly past from our very own Captain Tom!

Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton

Playground Update

We're pleased to announce that the playground was reopened on 8th August. Social distancing measures are operating and are posted at the entrance and also opposite for convenience. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance but please bring your own wipes to clean touch points in the play area.

Playground Social Distancing Guidance
Guidance at the playground entrance
Playground re-opening rules

Dog Poo Bag Dispensers

Two new dog poo bag dispensers have been fitted in the village. One is on Main Street between Stan Valley and the defibrillator, the other is at the towards the quarry end of Hodge Lane.

Dog poo bag dispenser Main Street
Dog poo bag dispenser Hodge Lane

Nitrous Oxide - Laughing Gas

Nitrous Oxide canisters, also know as Laughing gas, Whippets or Hippy crack have been found in the area around the village, a recent find totalled 30 used canisters.

If you come across any on your walks please report it to the police on the 101 service.

Laughing Gas Canister

New Recycling Service

Selby Council has replaced the old recycling boxes with new wheelie bins. Collection day is still Thursday but the timetable has changed. The new timetable can be found here.

Click here for the village refuse collection schedules


We understand that a long awaited decision on the Wentedge Road quarry application may be near. Latest information is that the application will go before the NYCC August 2020 planning meeting.


These are held in the community space in the church every third Saturday in the month.

Good home-cooked food. Main course and pudding, plus tea / coffee for £5

no need to pre-book.


Visits the village every alternate Tuesday 2 - 4pm. Parking at the Shoulder of Mutton Car Park.

Tea and coffee is served in the community space in church at the same time. Why not drop in for a cuppa......

NYP Community messaging.

If you have any information or enquiry, please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 

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