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Latest News for Little Smeaton

Smeatons, Womersley & Stapleton Bus Service Survey

You can download an electronic version (MS Word) of the 409 bus service survey here  ->

Completed forms can be emailed to any of the councillors listed in the flyer.


Little Smeaton to Womersley Public Footpath Reopens

The public footpath from Little Smeaton (Smeatleys Lane) to Womersley has fully reopened following replacement of the footbridge at Oak Plantation.

Ls to Wom footbridge.jpg

New Bench at the playground

Earlier this year we replaced some equipment at the playground with the help of a grant from Selby District Council (below). With Selby's agreement we have been able to put some unspent grant funding towards the cost of a replacement bench overlooking the play area.

The previous concrete bench was sadly vandalised at the beginning of 2022. This new bench is made of 100% recyclable meterials and will hopefully serve the village for many years.

Playground Bench.jpeg

Replacement for the 408/409 Bus Service

Arriva have announced the withdrawal of the 408/409 bus service with effect from 02/10/22. This service ran though the Smeatons on a route between Pontefract and Doncaster. Following negotiations between North Yorkshire County Councillor John McCartney and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority a new service will operate from 03/10/22.


NB: The new service does not go to Doncaster, it is a circular route starting and finishing in Pontefract. 

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

It is with great sadness that Little Smeaton Parish Council learned of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II on 8th September 2022.

Our sincere condolences to all members of the Royal Family.

HM Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

Parish Council Elections 5 May 2022

Parish council elections will take place across North Yorkshire on 5th May 2022. Here is a list of the number of councillor roles that will be available in each parish across Selby District.

Ravine bridge1.jpeg
Ravine bridge2.jpeg
Ravine bridge3.jpeg
Ravine bridge4.jpeg

Little Smeaton Playground Repairs

Many thanks to Selby District Council and in particular council leader Mark Crane for a grant of £2681 towards the cost of replacing the ravine bridge at  the playground.

The original bridge ropewalk was very old and had become badly worn across its entire length. The new rope will provide fun and entertainment for many years to come.

Brockadale Fly Tipping Incident

Over the weekend of 5-6th March there was an industrial scale fly tipping incident in the Lays Lane car park entrance to the Brockadale Nature Reserve. The parish council are liaising with Selby Council enforcement team who have called on the Environment Agency for assistance, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the police. Investigations are ongoing and we hope to have the site cleared as soon as possible.

Further updates will be posted to our Facebook Group page. Link at the top of this page.

Brockadale Fly Tipping1
Brockadale Fly Tipping2
Brockadale Fly Tipping3
Fly Tipping

Little Smeaton Playground Repairs

Many thanks to North Yorkshire County Council and in particular County Councillor John McCartney for a grant of £1000 towards the cost of repairs at the the playground.

The grant enabled us in December 2021 to replace a worn rope walkway and patch several areas of cracked wet pour safety matting.

New Rope Walk
Wet Pour Matting
Wet Pour Matting
Green Initiatives

Sustainable Heating/Green Initiatives

In late 2021 we carried out a community wide survey to better understand whether there is sufficient interest in starting a Smeatons 'green' scheme. You can read the results of the survey in the attached file.

Selby Council Planning Processes

Following a Statement of Community Involvement questionnaire last year Selby Council have made a few changes to the way they advertise the planning application process. You can read about the process in the attached document

Christmas 21

Smeatons Christmas Events

Check out the Smeatons Christmas Family Event on Sunday 19th December and don't forget the village snowman theme that will be running throughout December!

On the 19th there will be a collection for the Knottingley Food Bank, alternatively donations can be left at Field House, Main Street, Little Smeaton during the week before.

Wentedge Quarry Extension - Planning Application - 2021

NYCC agreed to a second vote on the planning application which took place following a visit to to the quarry by the planning team. It has been confirmed that the second vote held on 28 September upheld the original decision by a 6-5 vote and that the quarry extension is approved. The parish councils will look to work with NYCC and the quarry to ensure that a number of conditions which were attached to the approval are adhered to.

In line with the planning officers recommendation the parish council can confirm that the quarry application was recommended for approval on 18th May 2021. Voting was 6-3 in favour with some conditions being placed on the quarry in respect of the approval. On behalf of the affected local councils, Kirk Smeaton parish council has requested a meeting with the Chief Executive of North Yorkshire County Council to discuss a number of issues and clarifications associated with the approval conditions. A comprehensive update on the planning decision has been published in the June 2021 Smeaton Villages Magazine. Since that meeting we have learned that the approval has been put on hold. The minister of state for housing has considered and rejected a request to 'call in' the application. It will now be re-heard by the NYCC planning committee. The Smeatons in conjunction with other interested parties have formed a group - Brockadale Action Group (BAG) which will continue to campaign for the application to be rejected.

The quarry planning application is on the NYCC planning committee agenda for Tuesday 18th May at 10am. The meeting will be broadcast live on NYCC's YouTube channel.

We are advised that the planning officers recommendation is for the application to be approved.

The meeting agenda and full details of the planning application can be found by following this link -

Planning and Regulatory Functions Committee - Tuesday, 18th May, 2021 10.00 am


Both Kirk and Little Smeaton parish councils have objected to the application along with several other bodies and many residents from local villages. The main focus of those objections is the potential damage that the extension could bring to Brockadale Nature Reserve, further incursion into the local Green Belt and additional pressure being put on the local roads and environment.


You can still have your say on the application by email to the following addresses -

You can sign the on-line petition set up by Kirk Smeaton Parish Council objecting to the application. The petition can be accessed here -

Recycling Anchor

2021-21 Recycling Service

The waste and recycling schedules for 2021-22 have been released, Little Smeaton's bin day remains on a Thursday. The new timetable can be found here.

Bins 23-24.jpg

National Census 2021

We’re getting ready for Census 2021 in March. It’s the biggest survey of our population - everyone in England and Wales. Find out more at 
The parish council has made contact with our local census engagement manager and will be providing assistance to residents as required. If you think you might need help or want more information please contact the parish council clerk in the first instance by completing our contact form and one of the council team will be in touch.  Contact Us here


NYCC - Have your say on budget proposals

North Yorkshire County Council have asked us to inform residents about a consultation they are holding on their budget proposals for 2021-22. Below is an extract from their communication with the parish council. It contains a link to their online consultation.

"We have faced a very challenging financial environment in the last 10 years, with significant reductions in government funding but increasing demand. As a result, spending power has reduced by more than a third over the last decade.

When austerity began in 2010, we projected a budget shortfall of £186m by the end of 2021/22. This position has continued to deteriorate, reflecting in particular the pressure on the budget for children’s and young people’s services and the impact of Covid-19. Savings of £173m have already been achieved, however, a further £103m needs to be found over the next three years.

We estimate that the pandemic will cost it an additional £82m this year from expenditure to support vulnerable residents and measures to combat Covid-19 and lost income from council tax and business rates.

To fund pandemic support and recovery as well as priority areas we are considering increasing council tax by 1.99% in 2021, equivalent to £27 a year for an average household. Each 1% rise equates to £3m. In its spending review this month, the Government said that councils could raise council tax by an additional 3% specifically for adult social care.

We are asking North Yorkshire residents to take part in our annual budget consultation to have their say on setting council tax for next year and our longer term plans and priorities."

People can take part in the consultation online at

The consultation will close on Monday 11 January.     

If you have any queries about the consultation, please email 

NYCC Budget

Government Consultation On The Formation Of Unitary Authorities - Let Us Know Your Views

You may be aware that across the country regions are lobbying the government to be given more devolved powers and funding and our region is no different.

Government are stating that in order to receive the maximum benefit from any such changes they require that the current regional and local authority structures are merged into one. NYCC are proposing to do away with the seven district councils (in our case Selby) and replace them with a single county wide unitary authority. 

Detailed information on the proposals seems to be in short supply at the moment and Little Smeaton Parish Council are trying to get more details. Published below is a letter recently received from Mark Crane, the leader of Selby District Council. Also below is a link to an article on the North Yorkshire County Council website.

Timescales are tight and there is very little time for lobbying our local county councillor and Little Smeaton Parish Council are keen to hear the views and thoughts of residents but we will need to receive these by mid-August in order to be able to respond in time.


Any further information received will be published here.

Letter from Mark Crane, leader of Selby District Council 

Link to North Yorkshire County Council article -


Speed limit change on New Road

Following a long campaign by the parish council the speed limit on New Road has been reduced to 40mph from the village sign just before Quarry Lane down to the existing 30mph zone near the junction with Main Street.

New 40mph signs on New Road

Notice of Public Rights & Publication of Annual Governance and Accountability Return

The parish council's annual governance return and accounting records for the year ending 31 March 2020 will be available for inspection as detailed in this public notice which is also displayed on the Little Smeaton parish council notice boards.

AGAR 2019-20

A19-Chapel Haddlesey Bridge Closure Update 28 May 2020

For any residents affected by the A19 closure at Chapel Haddlesey the parish council has learned that the situation is likely to continue for a considerable time.

Initial surveys at the bridge have revealed that erosion underneath the carriageway is more extensive than initially thought.

It is likely to be late June before repair options are finalised and when work does start it is anticipated it will take 6-8 months to complete.

Bearing in mind the bridge has been closed since February the parish council will be writing to NYCC to add our voice to the growing numbers expressing concern and dismay at such a lengthy timescale.

VE Day Anchor

VE Day Celebrations

What a fantastic day in the Smeatons. Great weather, flags, bunting, baking, social distancing street parties and even a fly past from our very own Captain Tom!

Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton
Scenes from Little Smeaton

Playground Update

We're pleased to announce that the playground was reopened on 8th August. Social distancing measures are operating and are posted at the entrance and also opposite for convenience. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance but please bring your own wipes to clean touch points in the play area.

Playground Social Distancing Guidance
Guidance at the playground entrance
Playground re-opening rules
Playground Anchor

Dog Poo Bag Dispensers

Two new dog poo bag dispensers have been fitted in the village. One is on Main Street between Stan Valley and the defibrillator, the other is at the towards the quarry end of Hodge Lane.

Dog poo bag dispenser Main Street
Dog Bag Anchor
Dog poo bag dispenser Hodge Lane
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