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Little Smeaton Parish Council

Gifts & Hospitality

Parish Councillors are volunteers and receive no remuneration or allowance for their work for the Council. Upon appointment Councillors sign up to follow the Nolan Principles.

Councillors may claim reasonable expenses, plus mileage at 40p per mile if they travel away from the village in order to carry out Parish Council duties.

In order for the business of the Parish Council to be open and transparent, a simple policy on the subject of gifts and hospitality is detailed below.

Gifts & Hospitality to Councillors

In accordance with the Nolan principles, individual Councillors do not accept gifts; or hospitality over the value of £25.

Should a gift or hospitality be received by an individual councillor, which it is agreed by the council that it would be impractical or seen as rude to refuse; this should be declared by the individual councillor and logged by the clerk.

Such an instance should then be declared, if subsequently discussing any matter involving the donor.


Gifts, Donations and Hospitality to the Parish Council

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972, section 139: The Parish Council may accept monetary gifts, provided that:

• Any such gift of money is used for the good of the whole community.

It should not be seen to benefit an individual, individual household, or business.

• A gift or donation is in memory of a resident, and provided with the agreement of the Parish Council. Before making such an agreement to a specific gift, the parish council will consider any future maintenance cost implications.

• A number of residents request provision of an item [eg. Christmas decorations] which the parish council has not budgeted for. If the residents decide to fund raise to support their request, the monies may be accepted in order to fund the specific project. The parish council will however consider any future cost implications before agreement to proceed.

Neither the Council nor individual councillors should accept gifts or hospitality greater than the value of £25 from any Commercial Enterprise or individual who does business with the Council, or may do so in the future. The definition of business with the council should also include such instances as Planning Applications.


The only exceptions to this are monies properly received via S106 agreements, CIL and other local funding, or Grants properly applied for. All of which will already be defined to be used for a specific purpose.

Policy reviewed and updated July 2021.

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