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Publication Scheme Policy

Little Smeaton Parish Council is committed to open and transparent communications with local residents and other interested parties.

We, therefore, publish agendas, minutes, financial information and other documents which we hope are of interest.

The following is a list of information that can be found on our website, or obtained in hard copy by request from the Clerk using the Contact Us form on this web site.


Who we are and what we do - information about Councillors, contact details and details about the services offered by the Parish Council;


What we spend and how we spend it – current and historical financial information, including budgets, income and expenditure reports, financial regulations and internal control audits;

What our priorities are and how we are doing - Annual Report;

How we make decisions - Agendas, Minutes and papers prepared for meetings, responses to consultation and responses to planning applications;

Our policies and procedures - policies and procedures;

Lists and Registers - registers of members’ interests, assets register;

The services we offer – current list of services we offer

Policy reviewed November 2022.

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