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About Little Smeaton

Little Smeaton is one of the southern-most villages in the Selby District, and in North Yorkshire. Our village lies in the Went Valley with only the river separating it from Kirk Smeaton.


Hodge bridge and the road bridge on Water Lane link the two villages, and residents share the Church, School, Post Office and public house The Shoulder of Mutton.

The Little Smeaton playing field and children’s playground are used by youngsters from both villages.

Immediately past the Old Chapel, on Chapel Lane can be found the public footpath which leads on to the Craggs and Brockadale Nature Reserve – run by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Residents from our villages are involved in the maintenance of the reserve and in monitoring animals grazing the grassland. Volunteers built a boardwalk to improve access in the winter months.

In 2019, the village was pleased to welcome the Tour de Yorkshire Cycle race.

Little Smeaton Village Map

Version three of the village map dated November 2019 can be downloaded or printed here.

Village residents without access to a printer can request a copy from the parish council clerk by completing our Contact Us page


Click here for a map of properties in Little Smeaton

Parish Council Meeting Dates 2022-23

7:00pm in the Community Rooms Kirk Smeaton unless stated otherwise.

12th January 2022
16th March 2022
28th April 2022 - additional meeting
18th May 2022 - annual & open meetings
13th July 2022
7th September 2022
9th November 2022
11th January 2023
29th March 2023

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